This week has been very mixed. At the start, well Saturday, I couldn’t speak, literally. Or eat. Drinking was a struggle. This, you can imagine, would be stressful at the best of times, but Wednesday was the day my LNAT was scheduled for. So I was stressing on a whole new level, regimentally taking vile lemsips and spending any moment when I wasn’t suffering from an excrutiating migraine on revising for a test which ‘you cannot revise for’. {But if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail - just sayin’}. So that was the beginning.

Luckily by Tuesday afternoon my migraine had cleared and I could do some revision, but it was still packing in 4 days worth into 1, so not fun. I had a panic attack on Tuesday evening (second one I have ever had in my life and it wasn’t the best timing; the other time I had a panic attack was whilst in exam, again not ideal) which took up way too much of my time.

Then I did the test, as I have previously posted about. It went better than last year essay wise, I think…but you never know. Then that evening I played guitar and caught up on Gossip Girl. I have become addicted to it and I have no idea why, as it’s not really at all my sort of programme. I personally blame Ed Westwick…

Then Thursday, I went into town and had lunch and saw 50/50; both things were excellent. I decided that if things don’t work out with Darren, then I’ll happily marry Joseph Gordon Levitt, he’ll ‘do’. {haha}. Did a bit of Christmas shopping. Bought the fam an early Christmas gift in the form of Mr Buble’s Christmas Album, just to kick off the festive atmosphere. On the bus to Hethersett, I then got an UCAS track email on my phone. Never, have I ever, ever, ever been so tense about losing phone reception. Luckily, I got an offer from Exeter Uni, so all’s well.

Then Friday got called in to do a last minute shift til 10pm at Wymmy LC and training, which was as good as it could have been. But when I came home, happiness and joy effervesced into my soul as the WHOLE house had been decorated with the Christmas decs. This is an Armstrong record. We have never been this organised or early. The other record being that we once put the decorations up the evening of Christmas Eve. So, anyhow, everything is very festive now.

Saturday started well with some painting, then guitar - so I was being very creative and artistic {ha} - then got ready to go to the staff Christmas meal at the Library. The food was #underwhelming #ripoff #inedible, but I had fun. It was a jolly occasion. When I came home, as I hadn’t eaten a thing at the restaurant yet paid £27, I had a fresh, hot, home-made mince pie, which Mum had coincidentally made. So now, Christmas has officially started. {I also tried sherry. I am unsure as of yet.} I chilled until about 2.30am and then, despite still not being tired, forced myself to sleep. Well, lie there awake, trying to sleep, for the 3 hours I had til I had to get up for the 6.30am start at work.

Sunday. As I said 6.30am start at work. Need I say more. WHO SWIMS THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING?!?11!?!!1!? There, evidently, are some people. I saw and spoke to some of these strange people. Came home. Films. Finally ate my first proper meal in two days (as I didn’t eat in prep for the Christmas meal, which was then inedible). Drank a hell of a lot of tea. Pretty much it.

So that sums up my week…

Next time: the Dentists, Carols at the Cathedral, Eastbourne, Work…

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